The Soukovelos Team - Arizona's #1 Agent and Team

The Soukovelos Team - Arizona's #1 Agent and Team.

About The Soukovelos Team - Arizona's #1 Agent and Team

"Welcome to The Soukovelos Team’s Website! We are a real estate team that is based in Phoenix, AZ and our goal is to change the whole real estate industry. Helping one family at a time, our goal is to bring our global outreach of over 40 international sites, luxury broker tours, custom flyers, drone videos, virtual tours, and custom mailers to promote your property! We are trying to find the best people, the smartest, and most passionate humans on earth to help change the industry and to grow this company. We are aiming for 100 million. But that is just the first stop, because once we reach that point it will give us leverage around and momentum to change this industry because we believe it is broken."

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